What is FETO?

FETO is a terrorist organization founded by Fetullah GULEN, who exploits religious motives for his own interests and is hungry for power. Having built its strategy on precaution, taqiyyah (a precautionary dissimulation or denial of religious belief and practice in the face of persecution) and secrecy, the organization conducts all kinds of illegal activity in line with its goals. The fundamental aim of the organization, which presents itself as an advocate of moderate Islam operating in line with the principles of tolerance and dialogue and as a civil society movement prioritizing on education, is to seize public authority in time through its members under disguise and to establish an administration based on the dominance of the minority.

FETO members use various methods such as secret communication techniques, code names and also organize secret gatherings/meetings. Those who lead its members through the practice of these techniques are referred to as “privy imams”. These individuals operate independent of each other and are unware of one another. They are taught in the organization’s schools, dormitories and cell homes. Children of poor families, in particular, are placed in these cell homes, are indebted to the organization and are made to believe the lies that the clandestine work they are involved in serves religion. Spouses of its members are designated by the organization and they get married according to the “catalogue marriage” system.

The organization raises funds through educational and financial institutions, companies and donations. It collects money from non-members as donations through threat and blackmailing.

Embodying all these characteristics, FETO could be regarded as a spy network, an organized crime group and a terrorist organization.