Nebahat EVYAP İSBİLEN is a 76-year-old UK-resident Turkish citizen hailing from a family of industrialists in Türkiye. Her husband İlhan İSBİLEN is a prominent figure within the notorious Turkish cult FETO. N.E. İŞBİLEN moves to the UK after 2016 and shortly after her relocation, her reputation within the FETO circles as the wife of İlhan İSBİLEN attracts FETO members to her who offer help with her residence and citizenship procedures. Someone particular among those who flock to her somehow stands out: Selman TURK

FETO member Selman TURK is the nephew of Cemal TURK, one of the prominent FETO leaders based in Pennsylvania, US, who is married to the sister of Adil OKSUZ, one of the key actors of the 15/7 attempted coup in 2016. Enjoying direct access to the headquarters of the cult in the US thanks to his high-profile marital and blood relations, Selman TURK has for some time been ferreting about for money to invest for FETO in the UK.  

Seeing that he had his references approved by the cult leader Fetullah GULEN himself Nebahat EVYAP İSBİLEN trusts Selman TURK who claims he could help her with procuring a UK passport using his connections in London with the task. She would soon pay a bitter price for placing her trust in him. Not long after she hands Selman TURK some 30 million Euros banking on his financial skills to make investments on her behalf in tourism in Spain and in the financial sector the UK. After a while she wants her money back. ‘Investments failed to generate the expected profits and the money is lost’ is the reply she receives from a feigning Selman TURK while in the meanwhile, her money has already reached the vaults of the FETO HQ in Pennsylvania with S. TURK having received his share out of the whole scheme.

With all these happening in the background N. E. İSBİLEN cannot make the slightest progress with her passport procurement efforts. Selman TURK keeps stalling her saying ‘he is still working on it and he has connections high up in the government’ claiming ‘he even managed to reach out to the royal family’. But nothing ever happens.

After a short while UK’s Daily Mail breaks a story about a certain someone named Selman TURK who brokered a deal of bribery between N. E. İSBİLEN and Prince Andrew, the Duke of York, in which the former paid the latter a total amount of £750,000. Prince Andrew returned the money back, according to the news reports that circulated in the days that followed.

At the end of the day N. E. İSBİLEN is left empty-handed: she has not only lost her fortune but also failed to get a UK passport. Seething, she rushes to the FETO headquarters in Pennsylvania to personally report Selman TURK but she cannot even make it to the main gate of the HQ which is heavily protected by American private security companies.  

As soon as she returns back to the UK, N. E. İSBİLEN spends the last of her money to file a lawsuit against Selman TURK accusing him of fraud.

Regrettably, none of what is described here is part of a script directed by Guy RITCHIE, they are all true: a bitter truth which hit 76-year-old N. E. İSBİLEN in the face opening her eyes to the true colors of this cult.

What is more, this con N. E. İSBİLEN was sucked into is not unusual at all. This is a very well-known FETO tactic that this scheming cult has been using since the ‘70s be it in the form of an alleged investment, a purported construction of a school or supposedly helping the poor.

FETO deceits.

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