Issues emanating from FETO schools opened for recruitment purposes in various places across the globe and the inadequate teaching staff continue to prevail. A group of students with ages ranging between 17-18, who study in the FETO-run ‘Eringerfeld Gymnasium’ boarding school in Geseke, went on a field trip along with three of their teachers from the same school to Lake Como near Milan on May 26, 2022. 17-year-old Akif, one of the students who went swimming in the lake, drowned. Como Police Headquarters Press Agent criticized people for swimming in dangerous areas despite the swimming prohibition, while school principal Murat YAZGI said “they were trying to figure out how the incident happened”.

This incident was reminiscent of Mahir RAKOVEC, aged 14, who, having succumbed to peer bullying and systematic harassment at FETO’s schools in Bosnia-Herzegovina, committed suicide by jumping off the eighth floor of the building where he lived. All those accountable are also still in office.

The brainwashing practiced by the teaching staff in FETO schools, psychologically pressurize these young children, causing severe mental distress.

The administration dominated by core FETO members, which almost never changed for the past 40 years, despise the lives of its members for the sake of group ideology. Risking their lives to fulfill the instructions of this administration, organization members seek to cross over to Greece by swimming through Evros River. In the meantime, FETO leadership tries to generate a perception of victimization off the dead bodies of its members who drowned while trying to escape.


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