Fetullahist Terrorist Organization (FETO) operates under cover of a non-governmental entity outside Türkiye.

The purportedly civilian activities FETO carries out mainly focus on the areas of education, humanitarian aid and inter-faith dialogue.

Humanitarian aid serves as a highly exploitable area of operations for FETO which is nothing less than a cult as the group not only generates income through humanitarian aid but also promotes its image through relief activities.

FETO-aligned non-governmental organizations that are founded to carry out humanitarian aid activities and which are officially registered with the host country organize relief/donation campaigns for various reasons and take advantage of the charitable feelings of people.

A very little portion of the money collected as part of these campaigns are used for the declared purpose while the relief activity is further publicized and circulated with the help of photos and videos that evoke emotions.

FETO takes over the majority of the remaining funds thanks to the completely non-transparent structure of the financial leadership of the group and funnels it to a number of different FETO activities, FETO headquarters in Pennsylvania, US in particular.

Germany-based NGOs like the Time to Help, Human Rights Defenders e.V. (HRD), Aktion für Flüchtlingshilfe e.V. are in reality FETO-run entities that have been founded solely with the purpose explained above.

  • Time to Help-Chairman
    Cengiz BAYRAM
    • Accounting
      Selim YENICAN
    • Coordinator of the Regional
      Latif TAS
    • Project Management Water Wells
      Mustafa SANDA
    • Project Management Domestic
      Fatih ATES
  • HRD-Chairman
    Huseyin DEMIR
    • Member of the Executive Board
      Hamza DEMIR
    • Secretary Genel
      Mustafa Yasar DEMIRCIOGLU
  • Aktion für Flüchtlingshilfe-Chairman
    Huseyin DEMIR
    • Vice Chairman
    • Genel Secretary
      Gonul SARIKABAK
    • Treasurers
      Hamza DEMIR
    • Website and Social Media Manager
      Mehmet Etka ONCUOL

The so-called relief organizations with numerous branches across the world (especially in The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Belgium, Kenya) constantly feed this illegal system.

The many campaigns launched for various reasons including drilling/building water wells in Africa, providing foodstuff and basic supplies to those in need, providing support to the institutions/organizations of disaster-hit countries (floods, earthquakes, etc.) help finance the FETO.

FETÖ = Deceits

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