The Cold War era that came after the World War II ended saw the rising of many organizations across the globe that followed different religious paths. FETO, Scientology and Moon are but just a few of them. FETO shares very similar characteristics with the Moon and Scientology cults both of which have scores of followers around the world: All three have similar organizational structures and modi operandi, promote their own man-made belief systems under the façade of ‘religion’ and seek to achieve absolute obedience by their members. Further similarities include but are not limited to the following:

They have a rigid hierarchical structure and complete control over the lives of their members including marriage, employment, donations, etc. (i.e. members are forced to marry fellow members who are imposed as a match for them.)

They resort to a wide variety of illegal methods including coercing, threatening, blackmailing or wiretapping.

They use intelligence tradecraft.

They urge their members to operate in different countries.

Their sympathizers firmly believe in the messianic properties of their leader.

The leader lives in the United States.

They operate through legal organizations (associations, foundations, educational institutions, student houses, etc.)

They use encrypted communication means, special correspondence lingo and codenames.

The ultimate goal for the highest echelon of leaders of all three organizations is to achieve economic and political power.


FETO=Scientology Cult

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