He shares anti-Turkish content over social media and promotes the terrorist organization upon the instructions he receives form the organization.

He is one of the accountants of FETO and has been subject to legal prosecution in the past for issuing bum checks.

He was previously responsible for the New York subscribers of FETO-aligned Zaman Newspaper and was the President of FETO-controlled Brooklyn Amity School.

S. MEMIS, who was involved in trade in the US, was subject to scrutiny by the US home security authorities for being involved in billing irregularities and served time in prison. He was released on bail paid by FETO members.

He stayed in FETO-controlled homes while studying at Istanbul University in Türkiye and worked as the home brother (leader). He has been involved in recruitment of sympathizers for the organization.

Selim MEMIS, who is currently at large, has an ongoing case file for the charge of “Membership to an Armed Terrorist Organization”. He has an arrest warrant issued by Turkish courts.