He shares anti-Turkish content over social media and promotes the terrorist organization upon the instructions he receives form the organization.

He is one of the prominent FETO members operating in the US.

He was personally trained by FETO leader Fetullah GULEN and is one of the members of the “Mullahs”, which is the closest entity to the leader.

Those who would like to see FETO leader Fetullah GULEN in person, show Sait AKSOY as their reference and can easily enter the organization’s headquarters in Pennsylvania.

In early 1990’s, he was the oldest brother (highest executive) of FETO, who was responsible for the Turkish Armed Forces.

He is the founder of FETO-aligned Surat Information Technologies Industry Trade Corporation. He formerly operated as FETO’s Balkans Executive.

He is in charge of FETO-aligned Federation of Balkan American Associations.

He operated as FETO’s Philippines imam, US imam, New Jersey/USA imam and one of the members of the organization’s Consultation Committee.

 He was the user the ByLock, used for clandestine organizational communication.

S. AKSOY, who is currently at large, has an ongoing case files for charges of “Membership to an Armed Terrorist Organization” and “Attempt to Disrupt Constitutional Order”. He has an arrest warrant issued by Turkish courts.