Ridvan AYDIN

He was a cadet within TAF ranks and was later discarded from the TAF for informing his organization executive (brother), who he accounted for, about the developments in his institution and the information he compiled on non-FETO member staff during their regular clandestine meetings. He has betrayed his colleagues and his institution.

From an early age, R. AYDIN frequented the FETO/PSS-run homework/ study centers and was admitted to the TAF with an exam, of which the answers were provided by the FETO/PSS in advance.

He is among the soldiers who was involved in the July 15th foiled coup attempt.

His elder sister Seyma SAHAN has been using the ByLock application, used for secret organizational communication by organization members, and is currently at large.

Joined the anti-Turkish demonstrations held in the entrance of the Human Rights Courts in France organized by the FET/PSS-run “Unconditional Justice Movement”.

He is a fugitive and is wanted for “Membership to an Armed Terrorist Organization”.