He shares anti-Turkish content over social media and promotes the terrorist organization upon the instructions he receives form the organization.

He operates within FETO’s US apparatus.

He is a member of FETO-aligned Council of Turkish American Association and attends various events in different countries where he makes FETO propaganda.

O. OZTOPRAK is exempt from the typical hierarchical structure of FETO and does not report to a regional or country imam but directly receives orders from FETO leader Fetullah GULEN or FETO senior executives.

He was a former member of board of management of FETO-aligned Brooklyn Amity School.

He was the user the ByLock, used for clandestine organizational communication.

Osman OZTOPRAK, who is currently at large, has an ongoing case file for the charge of “Membership to an Armed Terrorist Organization”. He has an arrest warrant issued by Turkish courts.