Gurkan CELIK

Core FETO cadre member wanted by the Turkish judiciary.

He is the chairman of the The Netherlands-Turkey Friendship Foundation (NTFF/Stichting), an influent FETO/PSS entity based in The Netherlands that spreads anti-Turkish propaganda. He also acts as the chairman of the ‘ethnic initiative chair’ of the Inholland College sponsored by the Federation of Young Dutch Businessmen which plays a significant role in the FETO/PSS finance generation in The Netherlands.

He is also the head of the Foundation Academy of The Netherlands (Stichting Nederland Academia) which stands out as another FETO/PSS-run entity in the FETO/PSS network in The Netherlands.

There is a pending case against him filed for ‘Establishing or Commanding an Armed Terrorist Organization’. He is also the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant issued by Turkish courts.