He is a member of the FETO-controlled ‘thenewsight’ team, an antagonistic platform founded by The Netherlands-based former Turkish police officers/chiefs dismissed from the national police force for their FETO membership. The FETO-aligned web-site, disguised as a supporter of the refugees in the European Union countries, has been promoting and spreading anti-Turkey propaganda.

On orders from FETO, he has been spreading FETO propaganda on social media.

He was officially removed from his position as a Chief Superintendent/Head of Division at Diyarbakır Police Department for ‘passing on information relating to developments in the force and on non-FETO member personnel’ at the secret meetings he held with his FETO/PSS controller (handler) on a periodical basis and ‘acting on the directives of FETO’.

He is a fugitive from justice. He was incarcerated between 2016 and 2017 for ‘Being a Member of an Armed Terrorist Organization’ and he is currently facing ongoing litigation.