Ethem ISLI

He is one of the FETO members operating in Greece.

On orders from FETO, he has been posting hostile messages on social media targeting Turkey and spreading FETO propaganda.

He is in charge of facilitating the travels of Greece-based FETO members to Pennsylvania, US to visit Fetullah GÜLEN, the FETO ringleader. He always accompanies the visiting delegations to the US.

He is a part of the FETO tradesmen network in Athens, Greece and takes place in FETO meetings.

He operates in Greece on direct orders from the FETO ringleader Fetullah GÜLEN.

His codename within FETO is Çetin.

He has been a veteran FETO member for long years and in the past he operated within FETO network in Macedonia.

He is the subject of an outstanding search warrant for ‘Being a Member of an Armed Terrorist Organization’.