Former military officer. Wanted for terrorism.

He works at the The Hague, The Netherlands-based NGOs ‘Clingendael Institute’ and ‘Jason Institute for Peace and Security Studies’ propagating anti-Turkish ideas.

Encouraged by his FETO/PSS handlers, he had joined the Turkish Armed Forces. He was officially removed from his position as an intelligence officer at the NATO Allied Joint Force Command (JFX) Brunssum, The Netherlands for ‘divulging information relating to developments in the force and on non-FETO member personnel at the secret meetings on a periodical basis’ and ‘acting on the directives of FETO/PSS’.

There is a pending case against him filed for ‘Being a Member of an Armed Terrorist Organization’ and ‘Violation of the Military Penal Law’. He is also the subject of an outstanding arrest warrant issued by Turkish courts.