Acting in line with the instructions he receives from the organization, he shares anti-Turkish posts on social media and promotes the terrorist organization.

B. IYIGUN, who currently resides in the US, meets the needs of FETO members arriving in the US such as facilitating their accommodation and employment.

He downloaded and used the ByLock application, which is used by FETO members for secret organizational communication.

He uses the code name Fevzi within the organization.

He frequently visits the organization’s headquarters in Pennsylvania/ USA and personally receives orders from FETO leader Fetullah GULEN.

He conducted operational activities in countries like China, Albania, Brazil, Romania, Philippines and Thailand.

While in Turkey, he was the FETO member responsible for the organization’s student entity and was appointed as the “Education Advisor” as he was the senior executive running its student entity.

He is one of the partners of FETO-aligned Nisan Human Resources Consultancy and Tourism Trade Limited Company.

An arrest warrant has been issued for fugitive Bulent IYIGUN for the charge of “Membership to an Armed Terrorist Organization”.